The early years

Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg, nickname Frans. Born December 15, 1919 at 10:30 in Rotterdam in a street called Shipwright Lane. Son of Franciscus Hubertes Bernardus van den Berg (Roermond April 4, 1890 - The Hague December 28, 1977) and Jeanne Bosschart (Rotterdam March 3, 1884 - The Hague July 24, 1968).

Father: Frans van den Berg

Frans van den Berg

Mother: Jeanne Bosschart

In 1922, the family moves to the Anna Paulownastreet in The Hague. He follows his primary school period meekly, with his red hair he is often the target of the class. He develops a personal armor for this and he shifts his attention to his imagination and the nature around him. In this period he devolps his drawing skills. Every night he draws those things that has drawn his attention that day. At school during playtime he draws on the blackboard. The astonished and admiring looks from his fellow pupils at the sight of his creatures strengthen him that this is the path which he must follow.

Landscape (1934)

Forest with mushrooms (1939)

The giant and Tom Thumb (1939)

At the age of 12 he leaves primary school. From that moment on he gets private lessons from a great uncle in modern languages and mathematics, to bridge the period until admission to the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Then he wil be able to develop his drawing skills further.

At some point in time the family moves to Wassenaar. Just after the summer of 1938 the family moves back again to The Hague. They move to a house in the Van Linschoten Street in the Bezuidenhout district.