The copyright for the images of the artworks made by Johfra (1919-1998) as well as the copyright for the texts from the diaries written by Johfra in the period 1938 – 1998 belongs exclusively to Stichting de Verbeelding. The copyright also applies to all published images, texts and diary texts on this website and belongs exclusively to Stichting de Verbeelding. Under no circumstances is the copyright transferable to third parties.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I freely use images of Johfra’s work without permission?
No this is not allowed, copyright applies for all the work made by Johfra. The use of images of artworks which are in your possession is also prohibited due to copyright. Stichting de Verbeelding is the sole owner of the copyright for Johfra’s work. We could forward your request to them.

Can Johfra’s work be seen in real life?
Johfra’s work is only included in private collections. Organizing an exhibition takes a lot of time, energy and money. Nevertheless, we wholeheartedly encourage and help initiatives in this area. Stichting de Verbeelding tries in many ways to promote the work of Johfra.
There is a private museum where the work from the collection of Johfra and Ellen can be seen: Museum De Eenhoorn in Ulrum.

Are there (still) posters available of Johfra’s work?
Unfortunately, all the original official posters were completely sold out many years ago. There are still official reprints of the Zodiac series available in a slightly smaller format from the company Artimedes. If you still want an original poster of Johfra’s work, you will have to look for it yourself in the second-hand market.

I think I have a work of art made by Johfra, can this be checked?
Johfra kept quite accurate records of his work in his diaries. An index has been drawn up for this. This does not alter the fact that there are works that do not appear in the index. We are very familiar with the work of Johfra and may be able to help you with your question. You can ask your question via the contact form on this page.

Are there any matters regarding Johfra that you are looking for?
We try to get the archive about Johfra as complete as possible. We are therefore interested in everything around Johfra, for example images of artworks, published articles and reviews, announcements, etc. If you may have something interesting please contact us.

I have a question that is not listed here.
You can always contact us via the contact form on this page.


The virtual Johfra Museum is an idealistic non-profit initiative of a few volunteers from Stichting de Verbeelding and therefore has no commercial basis or a commercial establishment. All received income and gifts are used to maintain and further propagate Johfra’s artistic and literary heritage.

We would like to thank the following people:
Gerrit Luidinga (1942-2019), poet in obscuro, without him there would have been no virtual Johfra Museum.
For selflessly providing images: Jaap Bleumink, Erik Smid, Rardy van Soest, Robert J. Visser.